Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coffee and Sex

Mmm… Coffee and Sex, can there be a better stimulator?

The best thing (and yes I mean best!) is to wake up to a sweet cup of coffee and a hard cock in your face. Is there anything sweeter than this? I don’t think so. I have so many things that I am passionate about, but above all things is my coffee and my sex. And when I get both at the same time, I am in awe!

It was a late night. I fucked all night long. I think we banged for at least 3 hours straight! It was hard, intense screwing that made my night amazing. I was pounded and also returned the favor numerous times until I fell over and drifted into a dead sleep, as my body was numb from all the sensation. I slept like a baby. Most nights are filled with restless tossing and turning, but not this night. My body was so relaxed from the relief I felt after orgasm…. orgasm… orgasm…. again and again! “Yes right there!” I screamed in pleasure. I fucked until my body became limp.

After about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleeping, I awoke to the sweetest cup of coffee. It was light brown, with swirls of cream, and the intense aroma of sugar. I reached for it and indulged in my first sip. I closed my eyes as I took in all the textures and tastes that flowed down my throat. As I awoke from my state of unconsciousness, I saw it. A hard throbbing cock beating wildly before me. It wanted me, and yes I gave myself to it. I laid on my back and opened my legs with no hesitation. A familiar wetness dripped from my pussy lips. I through my hands back against the headboard, and this hard, beating cock found its way to my sex. He inserted slowly and pulled back. Each slide was more amazing than the last. In then out. Teasing my orgasm. Then it came faster. And then harder. Oh my! And then… oh yes, I came. My body was limp once again. I was exhausted from the orgasm, and couldn’t move.

As I lay there caressing his shaft, massaging it smoothly. I am thanking him. I show my gratitude to my lover as my body still twitches. I am stimulated emotionally and physically from the mass attention. I am a queen on my throne.

No More Waiting

No More Waiting
He approached her from behind, as he always does and placed his lips upon her cheek. A small wet sensation pressed against her soft pink skin. She turned to him and shot a blushful schoolgirl look to him as he sat next to her in at their desk. Music was flowing from the speakers against the desktop as she tapped her foot in rhythm with the song. He watched her moving as she tapped away at the keyboard. She always sat there, looking so innocent, as she lost herself into the world of cyber java.
He sat back at watched her for quite some time. It was almost as if she forgot that he was sitting there next to her. He awaited patiently like a young boy wanted permission to move forward. Time rolled on as she continued to not speak. She gave no display of interest to the idea of falling into him.
And then it happened. He watched her closely as her fingers scrolled across the keys. His eyes moved downward to her shoulders. They were pushed inward from her lazy posture. She wore a thin strap tank that revealed her silky skin. Her hair fell just right upon each collar bone at the perfect angle. His heart began to flutter slightly. And then he believed it was very possible that his heart just skipped a beat. His eyes continued descending to her breasts. They were just the right size. Enough to grasp in his hands and fill them. His heart kept beating, but now faster. And then he found her long legs bent at the knee, pressed into her chest. He followed her knee until his eyes landed at her feet. Toenails sparkled with glitter wiggling as she moved to the music. This was right where he wanted to be, no, where he needed to be.

He felt his face tingling from the blood boiling through his veins. His shaft thumped with every beat as he became as hard as a rock. He could not wait any longer. The school boy began turning into a wild beast that would attack at any moment. He went for it. As he reached in and pulled the arm of her chair. He turned her around and in one fast motion he rammed her and the chair she was sitting in against the dresser. Next, he wasted no time as he ripped her panties off. His tongue swirled into her clit and she began to moan from the pleasure. Slow slides up and down her sent electric shocks up her spine. She reached for his pants and removed them to expose his solid cock awaiting her presence. The dresser moved closer to the wall as he rammed his shaft inside her. And she screamed with pleasure. He banged her fast and hard. He awaited his destination long enough. This was his time, and he was ready to put it all in her wet lips. And that he did. He felt her orgasm slide down his cock. And that was enough. With one fast push his juices exploded deep within her. He came. His body collapsed back into there chair he started at. And he looked up into her eyes. The fast intense love making blew them away. They were now content with every fiber within them.